Organic food is clearly healthier for the planet because it supports a food system that keeps synthetic fertilizers and pesticides out. Organic farming promotes a better biodiverse ecosystem that pays equal attention to preserving natural waterways, healthier soils, cleaner air, denser wildlife, better farm workers, and a balanced climate.

Remember that eating organic foods increases nutrients, such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus in the body. We reached out to Radhika Iyer Talati, Founder of Anahata Organics to share organic foods that one should consume regularly for a fitter, healthier, disease-free life and a beautiful body.

Fruits from organic farming:

There are several farms that grow fruit that is completely organic and without pesticides. These fruits do not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides and are beneficial for health in every way, not to mention that they taste better too.

Remember, organic farms and crops are not only sustainable, but also pollinator-friendly. These practices help protect bees, pollinators and other wildlife from toxic chemicals. They help organic farmers manage their farms in a way that promotes biodiversity and improves the availability of natural resources. And the best part – according to research, eating organic foods can decrease the amount of acne that surfaces on the face and body.

Organic nuts and seeds:

Although they are high in fat and calories, nuts and seeds help you lose weight. These are crunchy, satiating superfoods loaded with essential nutrients like magnesium and vitamin E that most of us don’t get enough of. These nuts are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, vitamins A, C, and E, among others, which promote glowing, smoother skin.

These require almost no preparation, so they are easy to add to your routine.

Biologically grown berries:
Ranked among the world’s most popular health foods, these tiny but delicious and nutritious fruits are very easy to incorporate into our existing diets, as they simply mix with any of our regular daily foods. When purchased organically, they become powerhouses of nutrients that boost immunity and naturally improve your health. Plus, the berries help reduce skin wrinkles.

Organic vegetables:

Since these are grown in a field without any synthetic pesticides, they not only give us more vitamins and minerals, but are also extremely beneficial for the health of our gut and brain. More and more small-scale organizations are bringing organically grown vegetables to the market and it’s time we made a commitment to bring some to our table.

Organic cereals, pulses, legumes, millets and flour
Organic grains and millets have a higher nutritional content than their conventional counterparts with much less additives. They are packed with vitamins and other antioxidants, which makes you healthier and fitter. Not only are they rich in nutrients and fiber, but regular consumption of these foods will help reduce obesity and chronic inflammation.

So whether you want to change your diet or just add these organic foods to your routine, go organic now because it is the only way to live a natural and healthy life. We know that yoga and exercise play a vital role in staying healthy and fit, but the food we eat is an important long-term determinant of good health.

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