Some lending companies require their clients to submit a number of documents before issuing a loan decision. There are also those that only need very basic information, e.g. a Maje number. What is a Maje loan? The answer can be found in the article below.

Nobody likes to bother with formalities, which is why the invention of quick loans via ID card or Maje very much appealed to customers. So we decided to look at this topic and discuss it so as to clarify ambiguities and convince the unconvinced that payday loans are not all bad.

Online loan

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The online loan market in Poland has grown tremendously in recent years. Companies offering payday loans and installment loans advertise on television, on the Internet, on the radio, in the press and even on billboards. No one is surprised by their view.

Is fast online loan really as popular as you can guess from the number of companies and offers available? Yes! Many clients use payday loans and parabanks, which they often return to when they need cash again.

Advantages of quick loans

The decisive advantage of such loans is the speed with which decisions are made and the money sent to the account. You don’t even have to leave your home at all! – from the armchair! All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet and bank account number. The application is completed in a few minutes, and the decision, with favorable winds, can come even within a few hours, and the transfer the next day. Proƛcizna!

Disadvantages of online loans

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of online loans is at the same time its biggest disadvantage: easy access to dozens of offers, which for many causes loss of control and winding up their own spiral of debts. If not everything comes out in your life and you need money, you can quickly apply for help and receive it soon. The trouble begins when the problems with paying off the already incurred debt are tried to be solved by taking another loan. Because if they give them so easily …

Maje loan

It is worth clarifying at once an issue that returns in customer queries like a boomerang: why did I not get / did not get a loan, since I provided my Maje number? After all, it was written that it is a Maje loan?

The slogan “loan for Maje” or “loan for proof” does not mean that having it is the only criterion for receiving money. The point is that you do not need certificates from employers or presentation of bank statements to complete the complete documentation. All other loan decision making procedures (or not) are the same. For a company, basic data is enough to find a customer’s credit history, including entries to BIG and BIK.

Where to find the best loans?

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You should devote some free time to finding the best loan offer for you, especially if you are interested in a Maje loan. The most important thing in your search is to understand the terms and conditions and to calculate the final cost of the loan. It is also remarkable to analyze your finances in terms of the amount of monthly installments – after all, you need to include them in your home budget in the near future.

Every month, we publish the current ranking of payday loans and installment loans online on the Loan Portal – a good place to start your search. Each company has been described in detail, its offer has been analyzed and summarized with a breakdown into pros and cons. Under each of the descriptions are also available opinions on loans that can help you decide whether to try to use the services here.

Online loan in Monedo

A great example of a good loan company that you can read about is Monedo Now. The amount of the loan you can apply for is between PLN 1,500 and PLN 10,000, and installments can be repaid even as low as PLN 100 per month. No documents other than an ID are required, which is why the offer deserves to be called a Maje loan.

Opinions about Monedo are very good – in our ranking it always occupies a very high position, and comments about the company’s services leave no doubt that when you need additional money right away, it is worth considering Monedo Now. The description on the Loan Portal also contains information on the actual cost of the loan, contact details of the company and a direct link to the page, so you can quickly jump to the site and complete the application. This makes the task much easier when you are looking for quick and convenient loans online!

Payday loans without unnecessary formalities

Below is a list of lenders who guarantee their clients the minimum of formalities. Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry about workplace certificates or other additional documents. Check it out!

Monedo Allegro

From time to time, when shopping at Allegro, you can find special loan offers that will help you raise funds for your dream or just-needed purchase. This option is not always available; usually appears during holiday periods or big sales, e.g. on Black Friday.

So if we want to buy in installments on Allegro Monedo Now can help. However, do you even have to wait for the opportunity until the auction portal starts a promotional campaign for shopping? Absolutely not – Monedo loans can be used at any time, and the money spent can be spent on any purpose. All you have to do is choose the Monedo Now Allegro installment purchase option and then manually or automatically verify it to get a quick loan and immediate access to almost all occasions like Black Friday.