Instant loans, which can be applied for via the Internet, are growing in popularity. Several aspects are responsible for this. On the one hand, the circle of borrowers who can apply for such offers is greater. Online credit institutions also grant their loans with negative credit ratings.

The second reason for applying for an emergency loan relates to the processing and waiting times. These are significantly shorter for internet banks than for branch banks because they can do without a branch network and can therefore save costs. Even if all this sounds very positive, there is a lot to consider when applying for instant loans via the internet.

At the beginning of the application should always stand the credit comparison. This can be done online many times without obligation and free of charge. If the borrower pays attention to certain criteria when comparing instant loans, chances are good that he will find a loan that suits him and his financial needs.

Attention should be paid to these criteria

Attention should be paid to these criteria

If the loan offer offers flexibility in the drafting of the contract, short waiting times and a simple application, then these points already speak for the offer. Nevertheless, there are also numerous black sheep among the online credit institutions that have to be unmasked and traced.

The most important criterion in the credit comparison is the specified interest rate. This should always be the effective interest rate. If, however, the nominal interest rate is specified in the loan offers, then further hidden costs can wait for the borrower. The borrower can even influence the effective interest rate of a loan. So this can be cheaper if a corresponding credit rating is available.

The interest rate is the total cost of the loan read and the applicant knows in advance what to expect. Not only a relatively high income can ensure that the interest on an instant loan can make favorable. Even if the borrower has a positive The Duke and the Dauphin, chances are good for low interest rates.