New Delhi [India], September 19 (ANI/PNN): A slight rise in the organic food market is a sector that has benefited from Covid-19. Before the pandemic, organic food sales were steadily increasing. However, recent years have seen a dramatic acceleration in the pace of development of the sector. As more and more people realize the benefits of buying locally produced products, the local market has grown considerably and the pandemic has given a welcome boost to India’s growing preference for food and organic products. Even after the eradication of the virus, the organic food trend will continue to spread across socio-economic classes for at least another decade. Organic food sales have exploded since March 2020, reflecting a shift in consumer values.

Increased consumer education has led to a booming domestic market, and Indian organic products have increasingly found their way onto store shelves abroad; nevertheless, the industry has run into a snag in the form of contamination issues lately. About 15 years ago, there was virtually no domestic market for organic produce, according to a study conducted by the International Competence Center for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) in Bengaluru. ICCOA promotes organic agriculture and agro-industry by providing a platform for all players in the sector. Even at Rs 75 crore, exports were in their infancy. The regional market could double in size in a decade, reaching Rs. 1,400 crores. The local market is expected to grow at a higher rate (between 30-35%) than exports, which are now valued at Rs 2,500 crore. Export growth is 25% lower than the previous year.

Madhya Pradesh based organic food aggregator, Organic MP is not just an agricultural start-up but is on a mission to provide the solution to all the hassles a farmer or annanddata faces due to lack of technical and training in the modern model of organic farming. Swapnil Shrivastava of Organic MP said: “There has been a marked increase in the sale of organic and health food products as people want to lead healthy lives and provide protection against coronavirus.” “We work closely with the farming community to help them provide the solutions and techniques to transform their farms into organic farms.”

After graduating from EDII-Gandhinagar in 2018, Swapnil Shrivastava founded Organic MP. In addition to teaching farmers how to use new tools and methods, he also taught them how to access new markets, create new projects, etc. Organic MP has established a network between farmers and viable economic strategies. India’s economic prosperity can be attributed in large part to contract farming and the company’s talented team of agronomists, engineers and Agritech specialists. The logistics network has extended to the region where farmers receive the refrigerated trucks they need to ship their produce to cities and other states in India.

In addition to helping farmers, the Organic MP team has seen the world starve due to the disastrous wave of the pandemic, whether it is poor children or someone who has lost his daily salary. Their hearts sank and with immediate effect they assured them that no one should go to sleep hungry. Even they have tried their best to put a smile on the faces of innocent children in tribal or rural areas. The series of substantial food distributions is being steadily reinforced to people stuck at home or in dire need of rations. Injured strays are neglected, when they were in pain, the team made a quick trip to tie radium bands to further protect them from injury. Organic MP took a moment to appreciate and support active initiatives whenever required of the day to Pandemic warriors, especially police forces.

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