Currently, products sold via the Internet dominate the non-bank loans market.

In this case, it is necessary to verify the customer’s identity using a bank account (performing a verification transfer).

But what about customers who cannot (or simply do not want to) receive money in the form of a bank transfer?

There are two basic ways to receive payday pay without having a bank account:

  • visit to the headquarters of the loan company
  • arranging a visit of a company employee to your home

A visit to the headquarters of the loan company


Despite the fact that online payday loans constitute the majority of the market – many people still have resistance to using this type of service. Because of this, loan companies maintain headquarters in different places.

In this case, you must go to the business premises and apply for a loan. After examining the application – you will receive the money in cash (also at the company’s headquarters). The liability can be repaid in the same place.

How do you find a loan company in your area? It’s very simple.

You can find here the headquarters of popular companies that operate nationwide – as well as local companies.

A company employee visits your home


If you do not feel like visiting a loan company – you can order a visit to a company employee in your home. You can place an order by phone (even via sms) or via the website.

In this case, a company employee will come to the address provided and help you complete the application. After considering it – a company employee will bring you cash home. It is worth remembering that in this case the repayment of the liability also takes place at the customer’s home (a company employee comes to repay each installment).

Provident is the most popular home lending company.

How payday loans work on proof

How payday loans work on proof

For these financial products, the only document you need is your ID card. You do not need any certificates (including from an employer). Most loan companies grant payday loans as proof to clients who:

They are 18 years old

They have permanent residence

They have a cell phone

Remember that new ID cards do not have information about the place of residence. Therefore, a company employee may require you to present a document that confirms that you reside in a given place (e.g. bills regarding your apartment, lease agreement, correspondence with the bank or other companies).

The requirement to have a mobile phone depends on the policy of the particular company. For many loan companies, this is the basic channel of contact with the customer (e.g. sending an SMS with an approaching repayment date).