October 12, 2021 8:17 PM STI

New Delhi [India], October 12 (ANI / SRV Media): Darjuv9, founded in 2019, focuses on offering fully organic products for everyday use, ranging from food, cleaning solutions, agricultural solutions and cosmetics to no to name a few. Through its diverse product line, the company aims to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle and raise awareness of the harmful effects of everyday products containing chemicals. Darjuv9 caters to categories such as health and fitness, beauty and cosmetics, food and nutrition. As part of their initiative, Darjuv9 has raised awareness over 2 lakhs since its creation.
Eco-friendly products can help improve the overall indoor air quality and also help reduce some health risks, such as chemical poisoning, skin irritation, eye and respiratory infections. To remedy this, Darjuv9 has offered a diverse range of organic products and has built itself as an eco-entrepreneur providing chemical-free products through brands such as DaMaulik, Herbs and Hills and Wish Clean to avoid name a few.

Da Maulik products not only provide 100% organic food products, they also produce them from their natural habitat so that they can have maximum active molecules to provide additional health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicines, spices such as cloves and cardamom were wrapped in betel nut leaves and chewed after meals to increase the flow of saliva and aid digestion. Specializing in the sourcing, processing and packaging of integrated organic food products from seed packaged products, DaMaulik presents its customers with a range built over years of heritage. In addition, Da Maulik offers an exuberant range of spices, which are not only an integral part of any dish, but also a storehouse of immense medicinal value.

Darjuv9 founder Jitendra Dagar says, “These days, it’s not enough to learn about organic products, buy them and use them. beyond having access to organic air and water. Therefore, anyone who understands the importance of organic and natural in their life should communicate their understanding to at least two others. By doing this, our next generation could have access to a healthy and sustainable world. At Darjuv9, we are committed to making this dream a reality. “
Herbs and Hills provides customers with effective and easy-to-use essential organic products that are naturally blessed to rejuvenate the entire body, skin and hair. The products are inspired and packed with a plethora of natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, ashwagandha and many more. Herbs & Hills is a revolutionary skin and body care brand dedicated to offering customers a daily regimen for flawless, hydrated skin and body.
Inspired by nature’s most trusted ingredients, Wish Clean offers different types of cleaning concentrates that can be diluted for economical use over the months. Wish Clean offered a variety of products including laundry detergent, floor cleaner (a concentrated solution that is biodegradable and designed to help clean dust and germs from floors without using harmful chemicals that can cause health problems) , utensil cleaner, and toilet cleaner (a powerful color-changing solution that dissolves stumps).
In today’s world, around 50% of people suffer from skin related diseases, and in such a situation, the importance of health increases and becomes a vital responsibility. Human lives are in danger due to the degeneration of the ecosystem and its devastating impact on daily life. People suffer from various chronic diseases and daily ailments which are spreading faster than ever. On close examination, a large number of chemicals in skin care and various other everyday products lead to health problems and become a matter of concern.
Darjuv9 is also a listed brand under the Indian government initiative for organic farming – Jaivik Bharat. Through various initiatives, Darjuv9 aims to set a credible example of the promise to hold its esteemed clients to be fully prepared to contribute to the needs of ecology and society at large. Through its product line focused on organic, Darjuv9 was able to reach more customers to expand its network and successfully carry the message to live a healthier and more conscious life.
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